That's hard to say. I've gotten some good ones, but I remember the ecstasy I felt when I found just one more surprise behind the Xmas tree when I was about four or five, wrapped so nicely in that old ivy-green Marshall Field's paper. It might have been a baby buggy or an easy bake oven. I can't remember now.

Then again, I got my dogs Irving and Claude for my birthday (separate years, of course), and that was pretty great.

My worst was the hideous gingerbread house mess that a "friend" regifted me from her son's school project. I also received a staple gun one memorable year. Yeah.

Have you ever considered just letting your eyebrows grow out?
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OMG! I would LOVE a staple gun!!! Seriously!

I don't do anything to my eyebrows. They are transparent so why bother? If I fill them in, of course, I do them more narrow than what's actually there. Yes, I am an alien

ETA: oops, a question:

What is a gift that you've given that you thought was amazing but it wasn't well received?