Ive been natural for nearly a year now. I haven't did as much to my hair as I see a lot of natural women do and I've had great results as far as growth goes. I wash it every week to two weeks. I dont comb it everyday either, matter of fact I only "comb" my hair in the shower with conditioner in it. Ive been moisturizing it every night with something called "Hawaiian silky" ( Amazon.com: Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1, 16 oz: Beauty ) and run my fingers through it in attempts to not make it too frizzy. Now I have been doing a LOT of product searching and it is the most consistent moisturizer Ive found for night time use, its too wet for day. When I do braid outs I use that as well and and a couple of pumps of "natural curlz" ( All Natural Ingredients hair care line ) for daily moisture and shine. Its awesome and smells so good. It helps a lot too if I put the braids in rollers to lock in moisture on my ends overnight. I hope that made sense. My hair has grown about 7" so far, and I'm about 10 months in. Im not sure if thats normal or below but I'm happy with it. Best of luck!