This morning I applied product, clipped up my hair, put my makeup on, removed the clips and diffused. I would say its a pretty major improvement, and does not leave me a slave to letting my hair air dry, which takes about 3 hours in the winter. So, I have shortened that time. In addition, my hair looks more full, and falls forward nicely. The only problem is when I do that, diffuse upside down for volume, my hair parts in the back, and I get what Nora Efron called an "Aruba", looks like a bald spot but is not. But, the clips went back in for a little re-touching and now it is fine. Its amazing how we keep refining our routines!
Originally Posted by Myrna
Yay for good hair days!!

I always plop for a little bit first - but my hair is pretty long. I have to get the excess moisture out, I think. Anytime I've tried just diffusing right away it has turned out flat and limp. :/

I want to try using a shammy under t-shirt and see if that helps scrunch out more moisture and speed drying time without wrecking clumps, etc. Maybe then I could go right to diffusing?

Anyway, glad it worked out for you!
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