I had it done at a salon and actually I was asked by my stylist to do it at no cost as part of their marketing around the new sevice...basically I was a hair model for them. And they used Koppala.

Not sure about the flat iorn heat setting but I think it was fairly hot.

As for the thinning it is from the root. I so think the thinning may be from other factors but my texture is the thing that I have noticed changing so much since the treatment. My hair is just so dry and brittle now. It was never like this before.

Thanks for listening!
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I think this formula is very hit or miss for some people. when doing it at a salon there is a higher risk of permanent effects because the stylist most likely follows the application to a T. which means using 450 degrees temperature to seal(which is unnecessary imo) and doing several passes.

are your roots brittle as well? it sounds like an awful expereince!I see that many report the hair being fine after the first application but the problems are noticed about a month or two after. this is why i like to try things that someone else has used more than once with 1-3 months rest inbetween. that way you can really tell how it affected their hair.

Unfortunately you will just have to grow it out but maybe someone will benefit from your experience.
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