Darcy's Botanicals makes a cream-gel you could try. Or you could try conditioner only styling and just sealing with an oil. If you already have the DB pumpkin seed condish, you could use that one, and then just seal with any kind of oil you like. Also, it could be an ingredients issue. I don't like to use traditional gels (full of chemicals), but I love natural jelly styling products. My favorites are KCCC and Uncle Funky's daughter curly magic. It could also be a technique issue. I prefer to apply my products to very wet hair, not damp, and I do a modified supersoaker to promote clumps. I also like to plop for better root curl, but in this cold, dry weather, I've also been diffusing some - this seems to help set my curls better before I enter the outdoor elements.
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I've tried KCCC and it didn't work for me, but not Uncle Funky's - I'll look into it. I apply my products to wet hair also, though I've tried putting it on when my hair is damp and even when it's almost dry. Wet definitely works best. Plooping doesn't seem to make a difference one way or the other. I have started diffusing a bit to set the curls and it helps some. If I try it too long, though, I seem to blow out the curl and create frizz.