Oh this easy....I have the had the same "last meal" fantasy for years! LOL

Lobster bisque soup from Faraday's in Black Hawk, CO
Chopped chicken salad, with extra dressing from Bravo!

Main Course:
Aged Wagyu Ribeye steak, marinaded in my dad's secret marinade, grilled Medium
African Coconut Fish curry with fresh Ugali (mashed corn meal)
A bowl of super spicy Nihari (Pakistani beef stew) with all the fixings and freshly made soft French bread
Grilled tomatoes

Raas Malai (sweet cheese balls in sweet milk)
Coconut ice cream (Haagen Das) with fresh mangos and caramel sauce
Tres leches cake
Flan (or we call it in India and East Africa - egg pudding)

Mexican Coca Cola (a rare but yummy treat!)
Dad's favorite scotch-whiskey blend with diet coke (just like he would make)
Bloody Mary's

I just wish I could share this meal with my dad...we always had the same tastes and cooked together. But my DBF usually enjoys what I enjoy, so that is a plus!
*disclaimer* spelling, grammatical and psychological errors are for your enjoyment.