A deep conditioner I'm really loving is the bee mine protein free deep conditioner. Smells like heaven and works very well on my curly hair. It has great ingredients, too. Beemineproducts.com I also have a review of it in my blog if you want to read up on it more. http://ricciolina.wordpress.com/2012...tioner-review/

Do you protective style a lot during the winter? Pardon, but which area do you reside in? My hair is more prone to breakage in the winter(the cold dry air here in nj) so I wear buns a lot more and twists, as well.

This isnt breakage related but rather growth related...Have you tried scalp massages too? What I do almost daily in the shower is I scrub my scalp with a shampoo brush in a gentle circular motion with whichever cowash I'm using that day (or you can use the pads of your fingertips.) It feels good, too. It will help stimulate your scalp and clean up any build up that may be covering your scalp. Good luck!
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Hello thanks for the reply! well i live in southern california its been about 45-65 here and rainy.. i trimmed my hair lastnight and as i shower tonight im going to see if i still have breakage .. i hope not =-( explains why my hair doesnt seem to be getting longer.. I will have to look up that beemine, something without protein is good for me.. as the curl junkie rehab does nothing for my hair. my hair is barely touching my shoulders after the trim, so its kind of hard to do buns. i think maybe i should get an oil to seal my ends.. this winter is so harsh, its my first full winter natural! no i dont massage my scalp, i was going to use this "virgin hair fer." it has stuff in it that makes your scalp tingle but it also has mineral oil in it.. so ehhh. i dont think ill use it. im going to check your blog now!