I'm with Tinfoilhat on this one. I think it's best to try and type the hair when it's all in its virgin state (no part of it relaxed/"texturized"). Should be dry IMO and in its natural state (w/out the curl pattern having been contrived or stretched by a curler set, twist out, etc.). It's also great to see pics that show all the hair at once.

And, just a personal opinion: if you feel you have to wet your hair down to see a pattern, or if it has glorious, natural root lift, (grows "up" or "out", rather than hanging down naturally from the root w/out contrivances) it's probably 4a or curlier. Some may disagree, but there. I said it. If you want to know more specifics, like whether it's 4a or 4b or some combo w/some 3c etc, you could repost pics as described above. You could even repost your pics in the 4a forum, where there's a mega-thread (stickie) designed to assess hair type.
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I agree for the most part, except that I do think 3c will appear to grow up when short and I'm not sure how wetting that hair would make 4a coils looks like curls.

My hair is like Mahogany curls and when it's short it's like this:

And when it's long it's like this:

If it curls when wet it's curly and more 3c and should dry curly assuming you don't manipulate it. IMO water doesn't create curls where they aren't, it makes your hair go back to it's original state before you either combed/played with it into frizz, slept on it, etc. I can play with my hair until it's just a puff...but I'm a terrible terrible curly . I consider it 3c because my curl pattern is a lot larger than a coil. Albeit tighter than most or mixed 3cs.

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