Thanks for all of your advice! I look forward to trying all of your ideas.

Today I tried the super soaker method. I may have done it incorrectly because I was going off memory and didn't re-watch the video. I started by co-washing, conditioning and detangling in the shower.

I let it air dry with nothing covering it because it got really big and I was afraid of the results if only some of it flattened with a scarf or t-shirt on it and also because it did it early in the day so I didn't have to worry about sleeping on it, just waiting for it to dry (It's still not fully dry after about 8 hrs).

I scrunched in some Cantu Deep Conditioner and some gel. My hair's not really hard but the curls are holding better. I've also discovered that my curl pattern changes throughout the process. When soaking wet I think my pattern was about 3b/3c... When I added conditioner and gel the edges and back got a lot more coily and I think it may have been 4a/4b in places but still the most visible part looked like it was 3c or maybe even 3b.

When I run out of the products I have now, I'll try to buy some of the products you all suggested so thanks for your advice about that. The suggestion about conditioning in sections is really good idea. Usually when I put leave in conditioner in I don't section it off so that may help. I wish I would have seen that comment earlier, but I definitely will next time

Here's some pics of my hair changing throughout the day.

1-washed, conditioned and detangled
2-scrunched with Cantu conditioner and gel
3-almost fully dried

I think I achieved some results, maybe with some perfecting and incorporating your other ideas I can get more
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