Your hair is beautiful! I think we only mildly disagree. My point is that wetting the hair relaxes the curl (obviously from the weight of the water) and can therefore alter the appearance of the overall pattern, and that's why I think it can be confusing to try and differentiate one "type" from another type when the hair is wet. For example, I'm a 3b/c when dry, but my hair is anything from slightly wavy to straight when wet (depending on just how wet it is). ... And when you throw in the extra curveball of partially damaged wet hair pics, most of which were taken in the half-light? ... I don't know. That's confusing for me.

Also, Andre's system (for all it's flaws), was used on dry hair models only, which makes me think it was likely meant to be used on dry hair. To be fair, Andre's system failed to even recognize category 3 at all, so I won't pretend I'm echoing something scientific. Just my opinion.

Sure, I see your point about how 3c can grow out at first (like type 4s). Therefore circumference (as you touched on) is probably a better indicator of type in the case of trying to tell short 3c from short 4 hair. And even that's iffy in the case of combo hair LOL

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