So I've been to the store and talked with a SA,plus been doing research online and yes Lush products have SLS they have replaced it with SCS in some of the products. The SA explained to me that the sulfates are plant derived as opposed to being chemically made ... they don't have parabens or silicones and they smell great. Research wise Health Canada says they find SLS and SES to be safe when not used on hair alone and when added to shampoos and conditioning oils it is diluted even further and in some cases deemed inactive. I would like to try trichomania shampoo bar (apparently if you puree this you can alleviate the flaking issue), retread conditioner, and R & B treatment ( i tested this on a section of my hair and was really impressed with the results curl definition and the softness of my hair was superb even the next day) Anyways what do people think about that