So this might be like creeper-stalky-ish, but I live in SoCal too! So I kind of understand. The weather has definitely been cooler, but my hair is loving the high dews.

My hair also is not really a CJ Rehab fan... it just doesn't do much for me. I had to steam my hair cuticles open (I have have low porosity hair) and it still didn't too that much---so I mixed it with some other conditioners/oils. (Which you should try if the base formula isn't working).

Errmm.. I do protective styling about half the time, and usually run a little bit of oil on my ends and roots (which are ironically usually the driest of my hair). I use jojoba oil and castor oil (really thick, and you don't need a lot of it.)

Before actually going to buy another deep conditioner, I'd just try adding some things to your regular con dish to make it more moisturizing. I usually mix a little bit of castor oil, and sometimes honey before caking it on my hair and then putting on a shower cap, followed by a heating cap (which I don't really heat half the time... my scalp does that). My hair loves this method, and the moisture is lovely.
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