It may be out of stock. I was on the site Saturday and noticed the bars I ordered CH and Rootz Stimulator were not being offered for sale. She is probably making a new batch so you have time to think it over.

btw, I did my dc and happy days are back again for my moisture levels. I'm Very happy with my bars and my skin is looking vibrant. I don't bathe with them but it gets to my face when washing my hair.
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She just listed some more on Etsy. I have it in my cart with the discount code entered in the coupon area! You know I NEVER thought in a million years that something like shampoo bars would be so good and the fact that they last so long is a real plus. Now with her new Acv bar I think I'll have to pass on that for now bc I tried an acv/ayurvedic shampoo bar from another company on Etsy:

Zahra's Ayurvedic Cleansing Shampoo and Body Bar by fnggrant

Now that bar is amazing and it's almost twice the size of Bobeam's. When you wash you can see the brown traces of powder. Soft, thoroughly cleaned, moisturized. I was sooo impressed.

But I'm glad that dc put the moisture back in your hair! I hate it when my hair feels dry after going through the whole process of washing. It makes you feel like you did all of that for nothing. What did you dc with?
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Did you tell her you were from Curl Talk so she'd send you a free sample of either ACV or Protein? That's how I got my ACV.

The only dc my hair likes is banana/oil/honey. We are bffs.
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The products are just chilling in my etsy chart!!!! Haven't purchased anything.