As I am coconut cowash
Dove soap bar
Olive oil
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How was the As I Am?
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Yes inquiring minds would like to know. I just purchased it. But I can return it to Sally

These are my curlfessions
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I don't know how puppitypup like it but I have been using it for about 6 months now as my co wash. I add tea tree oil to it. I don't think it's what you normally think of as a cowash. It's in a jar but thin not thick. Tho it goes on as if it's a thick moisturizer. My curls love it and just start to pop. It doesn't have much if any slip but it's an excellent moisturizing conditioner that pops my curls. My hair loves this stuff for some reason so that's the only reason I continue to buy (besides the price). But im really itching to try Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner.