I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a curly girl that has struggled to embrace my curls for years. What really turned me around was getting a Brazilian Blow Out. I HATED IT! I look silly with straight hair and began to embrace my curls literally weeks before I discovered I was pregnant. Now all these pregnancy hormones are straightening my curls out and I am in a panic to save as much of the curls as possible. Oh, the irony.

I have 3A culrs now but usually am more of a 3B (depending on pregnancy status and length) The longer I get the curlier I am. I have medium porosity, average density, and baby fine hair. I have a hard time find products that give my soft hair enough coarseness to hold a tighter curl and shape. its nice to read all of your input. My hair is chin length bob and I am growing it out. I want to keep it nice and long, moisturized, AND CURLY!

Right now I am using DevaCurl Cleansing Conditioner every other day, drying with a t-shirt. applying AnGel, allowing to air dry 80%, adding Lush Surf Spray, and difusing till dry.