From what I understand, LUSH markets itself as fresh, handmade cosmetics. Not natural.

They do not use animal products, or test on animals, or get their ingredients from people who test on animals. Some of their products are vegan, and are advertised as such. Others contain eggs and honey.

They are environmentally friendly, and use only fair trade products. They also do a lot of charity and environmental work.

They have a lot of other products if you're not into their shampoos.

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You make a good point re: the fresh and handmade claim. However, I'm still disappointed about how that doesn't equate to high-quality across the board. It's not just their shampoos I have an issue with. As I mentioned, I avoid anything with Propylene Glycol for fear of another rash, so that rules out several of their conditioners and most of their soaps. I've used their face stuff before (Angels on Bare Skin - meh.) and their cuticle butter Lemon Flutter is nice, but so is Jane Carter Nourish and Shine. And I'm not enthused by their inclusion of parabens in some products.

I'm trying to be reasonable. I know other curlies on this board aren't looking for the same things I am in my products. I came down so hard on this poster because I HATE IT when advertisers come on here and try to blend in. I'm just trying to set some things straight. Thanks for contributing your facts as well. I'm glad they are a cleaner brand than some.
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