Im soooo so excited. Today I did my best wash and go ever! I BC'd in September and its sad that It takes me 3 months to finally have the perfect wash and go. I used::
Garnier Triple Nutrition to Cowash
Mixed Silk Leave in Treatment as a Leave in
Shea Butter and EVOO as a moisturizer
I had the perfect results. I did another wash n go Sunday that I liked as well but I used Proclaim Aloe Vera Gel and shingled my hair. It was great that day too. But I wanted to see if my curls would be frizzy if i didnt use gel! They Were not!!! Im so glad because I dont really like gel!.

Im so excited about this. The only problem now is that I got the best results using Mixed Silk Leave in and I recently became interested in using the CG method and unfortunately , the second ingredient is a Cone. Soo Ill try my wash and go with Garnier leave in that I was using before sunday. BUT i have been using this conditioner for about 4 weeks now and didnt see as good of results as with the Mixed Silk Leave in.

Also I used the Mixed silk Leave in when i first go my big chop. So I wonder why its doing so well in my hair all of a sudden. Like I said maybe it was working well with the Garnier Triple Nutrition. At first I was using it with the As I am Coconut Co Wash. So....No idea whats going on lol! But Im glad I have good results! now I have to determine if I can get the same results using Garniers Leave in, If not then maybe I should go ahead and not use the CG method and use what works best for me... WHat do you all think!!? This was a long post!! lol! Im thinking about just making Youtube Videos!.