Hi Girls! I'm new here on NaturallyCurly and am giving a shot at CG for the first time, so please bear with me. I've been at it for about two weeks or so, but have my doubts. First of all, my all time favorite hair product and the one I couldn't bear to live without has silicone in it! Cyclomethicone to be exact. The product is CurlsRock from Tigi and I absolutely love it. I read in this article that this specific silicone can be washed out with conditioner. So that means I can still use it, wash with any conditioner and won't get buildup?

Another thing is that my scalp sweats a lot causing an unpleasant smell after about two days, which means I have to constantly wash my hair. I've noticed conditioners don't help much with that. Is there any specific conditioner I can use to wash that will really clean my scalp? I want my hair to be beautiful but I want it to smell good too! Once I start working out it will be close to impossible not to wash my hair every other day. Any help will be greatly appreciated