Im soooo so excited. Today I did my best wash and go ever! I BC'd in September and its sad that It takes me 3 months to finally have the perfect wash and go. I used::
Garnier Triple Nutrition to Cowash
Mixed Silk Leave in Treatment as a Leave in
Shea Butter and EVOO as a moisturizer
I had the perfect results. I did another wash n go Sunday that I liked as well but I used Proclaim Aloe Vera Gel and shingled my hair. It was great that day too. But I wanted to see if my curls would be frizzy if i didnt use gel! They Were not!!! Im so glad because I dont really like gel!.

Im so excited about this. The only problem now is that I got the best results using Mixed Silk Leave in and I recently became interested in using the CG method and unfortunately , the second ingredient is a Cone. Soo Ill try my wash and go with Garnier leave in that I was using before sunday. BUT i have been using this conditioner for about 4 weeks now and didnt see as good of results as with the Mixed Silk Leave in.

Also I used the Mixed silk Leave in when i first go my big chop. So I wonder why its doing so well in my hair all of a sudden. Like I said maybe it was working well with the Garnier Triple Nutrition. At first I was using it with the As I am Coconut Co Wash. So....No idea whats going on lol! But Im glad I have good results! now I have to determine if I can get the same results using Garniers Leave in, If not then maybe I should go ahead and not use the CG method and use what works best for me... WHat do you all think!!? This was a long post!! lol! Im thinking about just making Youtube Videos!.
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I wouldn't worry too much about Mixed Silk causing you too many hair problems in the future since it has been discontinued/pulled from the shelf. We discussed about it over in 4a and maybe in Product Reviews if you want the background.
Congrats on your wash and go success!!
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.