Do you apply product before or after you diffuse? I have been trying to go curly for about 5 months now and am getting VERY frustrated! If I use product on very wet hair - or even hair that has been scrunched with a tee shirt or paper towels - my hair is not completely dry for six to eight hours. By then it is time to go to bed and start over again. : ) ! I bought a hood dryer - but I find I have to semi dry under the dryer - then air dry - then scrunch - then shape - then spray with water or re-activator to get curls back into the final shape. My life has been taken over by this hair thing and I have yet to be successful. The whole point of going curly is because I had been blow drying and flat ironing my hair every day an spending about 45 min to an hour styling. I was hoping to lessen that time commitment. Not so much! I am also tired of spending LOTS of $ of products that don't really get the desired results. I have read all things CG - but I must say when I talk to people with great curls they often recommend products that are not CG - so I don't buy them. But I am ready to throw in the CG towel.