TN has avocado oil and avg in it. At least the bottle I have does. But her other products could have protein, too. Or, due to residual protein from previous products, the avocado plus avg is just too much at this time. (Avg acts like protein for a lot of people.) These two ingredients are low on the list but I know I also had problems with TN before I understood the protein issue and had too much protein in my hair.

Coconut oil, while it does not contain protein itself, somehow reacts with any protein that is in your hair and strengthens it - not what you want when you have protein overload.
remember, with all advice or suggestions for your hair, YMMV!!
My hair:
2b wavy, medium texture, low porosity, med-high density. Protein finicky.
My routine:
Cleansing: DCNP, every 4-5 days (occasionally use CJ cleansers).
RO: CJSC, occasionally use JCDC
Gel: KCCC, CJCIAB for 2nd day hair (sometimes third)

Heat is my friend: warm water rinses, steam caps, and diffuse dry. I love CLU cloths and my Denman.