Okay let me start by saying im a mixed race , 13 year old girl . About a week ago, i posted about people discussing the race question, but i think it got worse.. Okay my skin is caramel coloured so when people first see me the first thing they think is "she is african american" . And thats fine with me, but then they get closer & see my hair & eyes & start asking questions about my race . Thats awkward enough. But what really made me feel weird was when i was riding home with my little cousin (shes and she held up a old black cell phone & held it up to my skin and said "look! Black & black!" I knew she was kidding , but my family (younger ones) will make jokes all the time about how dark i am compared to them, so it hurt. Dont get me wrong, i LOVE being black, but i almost felt.. Discriminated. And she did something like this before, except i think it was worse... Anyway, on friday night, i had a friend over, who is also biracial and the race thing comes up & she says "goldi locks, you arent mixed." But im just sitting there thinking "THEN WHAT AM I?!" Its not like i can solely claim one or the other! But i was calm & said yes i am.. Both my parents are but my mom looks white & my dad looks more black . But she just ignored me. Once again i do love being black, but im other things too and they just label me as one. I would be just as upset if someone said i was just white. I look somewhere in between. My hair is brown & strawberry blonde 3c-3b curls, my skin is like.. Coffee with creamer in it , and my eyes will shift from green hazel green . It bothers me somehow,.. I just wanna be "human" you know? :/