Sorry to revive an old thread, but nothing more recent came up when I searched.

I'm new to trying to go all natural with my curls. So far, it's definitely been a learning process. However, I know already I can't continue the air drying. I've tried washing/conditioning/gel and air dry in the evening and when I go to bed 3-4 hours later, my hair's still damp. Get up looking like Medusa. I refuse to do this in the morning and spend half a day at work with wet/stiff hair, not to mention it's COLD outside.

So, I think I need to wash in the a.m. and use a dryer. Never been crazy about diffusers and my time is limited, so I'm thinking I should go for a hard hat or soft bonnet dryer I can use while I'm putting my makeup on. Seems like more people like the hard hat, but I thought a soft bonnet would allow me to move around at my vanity a little more. Thoughts?