I know it's origins are in hinduism but never heard of yoga teaching or forcing hinduism on anyone.
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If the instructor is telling me to salute the sun, to worship the eternal presence of Vishnu, to release the flow of my life force and to immerse myself as one with the spirit, it has crossed the line IMO from a physical activity to spiritual practice.
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Where, pray tell, are you hearing this messaging?

Because I've taken many, many classes and done dozens of yoga videos and I've NEVER heard phrases of this nature uttered --- ever.
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Salute the sun/sun god and release the flow of lfe force are statements made in every yoga class i've ever taken.

A while ago on NC, we were discusing this and a boardie who teaches yoga admitted she says this stuff but just puts it in for effect bc she thought people liked it.

And I was like, WE DON'T!