Yeah, the spiritual aspect is what is unappealing to me. I'm not Hindu (or New Age) and don't want to be subtly pushed into practicing it.
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Isn't Christianity and the variations upon it the only religion which really tries to push people into practicing it all the time? Yes, I count Mormonism as an offshoot as well. At least in this country I've never heard of having religion pushed by any other religious base.

Well, unless you count scientology as a religion, and I can't keep a straight face and do that.

I was just listening to something on NPR about this book,
Hell-Bent: Obsession, Pain, and the Search for Something Like Transcendence in Competitive Yoga: Benjamin Lorr: 9780312672904: Books , specifically about the narcissistic element of yoga that people don't want to talk about.
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The description of that book sounds very... repulsive, to put it nicely. I think the extreme of just about anything can be pretty repulsive to those who aren't involved in it, but ick. I can see narcissistic element from that - but in general I don't get where there's competitiveness from yoga. Can you explain a little since I haven't read the book, what you mean by the narcissistic element, or if it just has to do with competitions?

I could see the way I use yoga - focusing internally, on myself, evenness, straightness, etc., as being called a narcissistic element, I'm just guessing that is NOT what you meant.


Yoga is one of the six āstika ("orthodox") schools of Hindu philosophy.

I'm not sure how you would practice yoga w/o practicing Hinduism. From the goals of yoga to the physical poses, it's all based on spirtualism and worship.
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About like I am not practicing Christianity each time I kneel on the floor, since usually it means I'm picking something up or playing with my dog.

Or, heck, if I pray to G-d, I'm not praying to Jesus even if a Christian calls him their lord and savior. Just because of what one group calls something doesn't mean you can't do something with the same name and NOT be practicing that religion.

Then again, Christianity also has that same trouble with synonyms when it comes to marriage...

If the instructor is telling me to salute the sun, to worship the eternal presence of Vishnu, to release the flow of my life force and to immerse myself as one with the spirit, it has crossed the line IMO from a physical activity to spiritual practice.
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Have you ever taken a yoga class? Because... I'm not so sure that has ever happened in a real yoga class.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!