I don't think I'm the one reflecting myself back into her opinion.

I asked a legitimate question, though. Have you ever been to a class? Because if anything like you said happened in a class - yeah, I'd never return there, and don't blame you for that. It's not at all what a yoga class should be like. If you haven't ever been to yoga, well, believe those of us who have, you don't have the correct opinion of what it's like.

There's nothing wrong with not liking yoga, and I can understand why the folks who don't like it don't who have posted in this thread. But trying to claim it's some sneak attack at making people practice Hindu is just misinformed and false in general - though it's totally possible there are some weirdos out there who do just that.
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It's not a legitimate question as I've already said I've taken yoga classes.

I never said it was a "sneak attack." I said it is the practice of a form of spiritualism I don't want to participate in.

There is nothing false about saying yoga is a branch of hinduism and incorporates hindu spiritualism into the practice.

You're not a yoga authority (as far as I know) and not the arbiter of what does and does not take place in a yoga class or what should or should not.

Honestly, it sounds to be like you are experiencing some religious dissonance and it's making you uncomfortable.

(Maybe some TM will help you work through it?)

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