Here is a suggestion - find someone who:

1) Looks like you and who you admire and you think has a cool life.
2) Then, know that that you can then have that life too.

If people around you don’t look like you, there are others out there who do. Today, with the media and the internet it is much easier to find them.

One of the differences between being young and being old is the size of our worlds. When you are young, your world is smaller. As you get older, your world expands because you meet more people, have more experiences, and have more choices. So some things that bother you when you are13 don’t bother you as much when you are 23, 33, 43, etc. because you realize the world is big and can hold all of us - and we have a lot of options at our disposal. And if some people don’t like us, there are others who will.

And if you can get this when you are 13, you are way ahead of the game.
High Density, High Porosity, Medium Texture, 3B with some kink

Lo-Poo: No Preference
Co-wash: CJ Smoothing Conditioner
RO: CJ Strengthening Conditioner - HG
LI: CK Satin Roots
Styler: CK Coil Jam
Other Likes: Castor Oil; CK Twist Whip, MD CSC
Dislikes: Wheat Protein; Aloe LIs or Stylers

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