I'm new to trying to go all natural with my curls. So far, it's definitely been a learning process. However, I know already I can't continue the air drying. I've tried washing/conditioning/gel and air dry in the evening and when I go to bed 3-4 hours later, my hair's still damp. Get up looking like Medusa. I refuse to do this in the morning and spend half a day at work with wet/stiff hair, not to mention it's COLD outside.

So, I think I need to wash in the a.m. and use a dryer. Never been crazy about diffusers and my time is limited, so I'm thinking I should go for a hard hat or soft bonnet dryer I can use while I'm putting my makeup on. Seems like more people like the hard hat, but I thought a soft bonnet would allow me to move around at my vanity a little more. Thoughts?
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I just bought a hard hat dryer (BaByliss) and used it for the first time this morning. I LOVE IT. MORE THAN ANYONE SHOULD LOVE AN INANIMATE OBJECT. I need to play with variables such as products, duration of drying time and clipping, but it dried quickly with virtually no frizz.

It cuts way down on drying time, of course (I've never liked diffusers so I've always air-dried) but I was held captive in my chair. I read a fashion magazine and pretended to be at the salon. But if you're sitting at your vanity for a long period of time, you could just wheel the dryer up behind your seat and dry as your put on makeup, etc. I don't wear much makeup so I imagine I will be reading or checking my email most mornings.
*3B, medium/fine, normal porosity, normal elasticity, shoulder-length when dry.