Hi my hair twin!!! I like to use good conditioners for the moisture aspect. And I use just a small pea size of CJ BCLI..Just enough to coat the hair and provide slip/detangle. I really dont use it to moisturize b/c it dose weigh my hair down. I can only use KCKT in low dews, which in FL is not very often. And I always deffuse my hair, which like you said opens the shaft and allows the hair to absorb the product. Soory I didnt help much, but maybe different conditioners may help. I really like the ones listed in my signature. Also check out live curly live free's pinterest site, has good ideas for products.
2b/c CG since 8/12
I have low porosity and fine/med texture. Easily weighed down and VERY frizzy crown, with straighter under layers

Low-poo:TJ TTT, CJ GCS
LI/RO/DC: CK Satin Roots,Sevi Pumpkin, SSI Okra reconstructor, CJ SAC,CJ RM
Stylers: AG Recoil, JC SS
Jellies: CK Coil Jam, Okra gel(HG)
Gel: JC CC, Ouidad H&H gel, Ouidad moisture lock gel

Hair loves moisture protein.
MUST Pixie diffuse.

My hair dose NOT like oils, butters or polyquats Or glycerin in high dews