This is fascinating, and also concerning. I do not understand someone teasing relatives for being darker skinned. (I don't understand anyone teasing anyone for that, really.) I don't understand the OP's friend telling her "goldilocks, you aren't mixed", either, but people who identify as black mistreating each other because they are "too black"? Don't most minorities, "black" or otherwise, have enough backward "white" people treating you poorly for that reason? Why perpetuate that on each other?? And over skin pigment levels??
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Colorism seems to date back to Colonialism. Every culture the Europeans conquered suffered from this mindset because the whites of that time imposed their cultural values, including a love of pale skin and a devaluing of dark skin - onto them. The evidence is incontrovertible: the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America grant the highest social and financial awards to those of their ilk who have the palest skin, loosest hair and whitest features. Those are the people who tend to hold the most power. People from all those countries habitually use bleaching cream on their skin, too, despite the health risks. And of course America is no exception, although, thankfully, that trend seems to be changing a little. But really. Look at what was done to slaves. The lighter slaves breastfed the master's children and took up as house maids (and mistresses) while darker slaves endured hard days of labor in the cotton fields. Not to mention there was placage in New Orleans.

Of course I get teased by fellow "white" people for being too pale. And white people are always comparing tans and bragging if they win they "who's darker" contest. How's that for ironic?
No one seems satisfied sometimes. Somehow it's like people want to look traditionally/acceptably attractive, and yet they also want to look just "exotic" enough to be perceived as different or "special" from everyone else

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