I haven't tried Amla, but I've read about it over the years. Maybe I'll give it a shot. Does it fade out, or does it make the henna bond to the strand in a different colour? I notice that henna never fades and is very permanent (which is great).

Mixing the henna and indigo and doing a one step process tends to fade to red pretty fast for me, and it's never quite dark enough. I did it for years but am a bit bored with it. I think I might go in a black direction next time, though it would be great if it was almost black but not quite. The indigo is still fading from my first attempt.

I've always used Yemen henna for the gray coverage. I'll have to try a few different ones.
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Such good questions. I'm still kind of ignorant about these things. One of the reasons I'm opting to use both indigo and amla w/the henna is because both of these darken the hair so that it'll hopefully turn a deep red, like what it sounds like you're aiming for.

If you want, you could wait to see my results before going totally black (although black is a pretty bad azz option)? I'm really not even sure this concoction will work. We'll see. I'll likely use 3 parts henna to 1 part indigo and 1 part amla respectively. It's going to be a minute before I actually do my head though because I definitely am taking my time to strand test until I see the exact or near-exact result I want! Also, I know my results won't necessarily determine yours because we're starting out w/different hair colors, but I could certainly share the ratios I end up using if they might help you

ETA: It just occurred to me that you don't have to wait for me to do your own tests if you already have these 3 powders. You could do your own strand/hair ball tests to see what ratios might work well for you

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