sooo happy to see Abi leaving

I really do like the final 4, I mean, they all have played well, have remained likable and it seems they all get that it is a game, so they are okay with things shifting and changing

I love Denise (and her hair) - I'd really like her to win - and poor thing, being trapped with Abi when the others went off for reward. And her neck bite thing - OUCH.

Malcolm is just awesome - a true competitor, I mean, he and denise survived one tribe then had to blend into a new tribe, THEN had to merge - he is winning challenges and has managed to be liked enough that they've kept him around even though he is winning immunities

Lisa - she's actually PLAYING now, and it's fun to see

Skupin - he's defied the odds, really - I figured he'd be gone by now because people don't "like" having the old players go all the way, and with all of his mishaps, etc

can't believe final is on Sunday
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