The only way to get rid of split ends are cutting them. I know this from experience. I cured my hair by washing with a shampoo nd conditioner for dry or damaged hair and getting rid of the split ends PRONTO! Also keeping my hair moisturized and doing minimal styling (low manipulation) and washing my hair less often (once a week) and my hair went from ear length to bsl in 2 years without a protein treatment. also my hair never held a style when it was damaged so healthy hair will behave better:') HTH
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So, I washed my hair with apple cider vinegar last night. Before I washed it, I moisturized my hair with shea butter, and Vatika oil. After I washed my hair, I gave my ends a bit of a trim, then I twisted it up for bed. Tonight, I moisturized with coconut oil, and I did more than a trim. I looked at a lot of my ends and there were tons of single stranded knots (3 or 4 on one strand). Even worse, I have different types of split ends. I have tree, thickening, offshoot, taper, crinkle, knot, baby, deep, incomplete and normal splits. I cut off about two inches. In a couple of areas that aren't noticeable, I had to cut nearly down to the root. I'm frustrated, and I know haven't caught all of the split ends. I feel like cutting it all off, and starting over again.
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Umm. I don't see anything about conditioner in here. How often do you condition?
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Admittedly, I haven't conditioned my hair in a while. I used to condition about every 2 weeks.