Hi Curlies! Here's my story. So last year i dyed my hair with box color from auburn to jet black. After that i wanted to redye my hair a lighter color but the stylist ended up giving me hot roots! That in itself damaged my hair, causing a whole mesh of frizz. I went to the salon hoping to reverse the damage and my curls are pretty tight, like in between 3b and 3c curls. The stylist told me the best thing i could do to reverse the damage and loosen my curls was to try the keratin treatment. I went for the keratin Treatment and after 24 hours i washed out the treatment. I looked in the mirror and was soo horrified! My curls were non existent and almost bone straight. I didnt know what to do but i know i didnt want to going back to super short hair when i had first transitioned. I've been growing it out ever since but i decided to get highlights because i was bored with the color. Oops! I did it again but this time ten times worse. My hair became so dry and brittle not to mention the abundance of frizz. I couldn't even tell if i had a curl pattern underneath all that frizz. I've been doing deep treatments but i haven't been as consistent. I recently went to a stylist that knew how to work with curly hair and she dyed my hair a lighter chocolate brown because i didn't want the frizz to be as noticeable as i had with the highlights. I still have issues with both the damage and the keratin treatment growing out. I end up having to take up to an hour trying to style my curly hair because my hair instantly becomes dry once i step out of the shower. It's usually easier styling the natural hair that's grown out but once i try to get towards the ends of my hair(where the keratin treatment is) i have be super careful because it's super fragile and it takes much longer to work with in order to eliminate the frizz. My natural curls have grown out about 6 inches but i still have the keratin treatment at the ends. How can i reduce the time i have styling my hair in order to get the perfect curls that i once had?