How long does it take to whip up shea butter? I tried it once (may have been in this thread) and I think I whipped for 10 minutes but when I went back to use it it was hard and barely melty when I tried to get some out of the jar. All I remember is it was shea mixed with probably mango or cocoa butter and an oil or two (maybe avocado or apricot kernel). I'd love to give it another go but I want a good recipe with directions! I'm good in the kitchen with food but, body/hair is always an experiment.
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If it had cocoa butter in it, it will be much harder than just shea butter alone. Easy -peasy whipped shea butter:

3/4 cup shea butter
1/4 cup favorite oil (coconut, avocado, olive, soy, apricot kernel etc)

Place in bowl and use as a double boiler to melt or use microwave. Cool melted ingredients in the freezer for just a few min, until the edges start to get hard again around the rim of the bowl. Then start mixing with your mixer until it has doubled in size and is nice and fluffy.

The next day it will be a bit harder than when it was first whipped, but it will melt on contact with your skin.
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