It sounds to me like you have beautiful coloring. The teasing you get from family members may come from jealousy. I'm white. When I was growing up on the east coast there weren't many mixed race people in my community. The world has changed a lot. We now have Beyonce, Halle Berry and other big stars who are considered some of the most beautiful women in the world. And the president of the United States is bi-racial.
I have to admit sometimes when I see people with hair or skin that's hard to identify, I want to ask them what nationality they are. It's just curiousity but I usually don't ask if they are strangers.
Last weekend the most beautiful young man was running the register at costco. He looked like a Greek god with fair to medium skin and tight curly hair. I wanted to tell him so but didn't want to seem like I was hitting on him.
Just be proud of your unique beauty and try not to let jealous people bother you. (I know it's not easy at 13 but you sound pretty mature