Has anyone gone there? It has several good reviews on line. The names Coy, Nicole, Karen and Alisha have cropped up several times. I went to make an appt and described my hair and asked for the stylist that would be most familiar with the type. The guy on the phone would not come right out and recommend anyone. Are they not allowed to do that? He asked when I was available. I said I would rather have the best stylist and work around their schedule. He still just wanted to know when I was available. I gave him some dates and he put me in with a woman I have not read anything about. I them told him I have tried many many Deva products and that I don't like them and asked if the stylist would use something else. He asked her and said that those products are what they use with Deva cuts and she doesn't like the other curl products they have. I made the appt, but am having second thoughts. I have already had one miserable "Deva cut" experience ...which was not a Deva cut at all from which I left with a head loaded down with gunky Condition One. I don't want a cut that only uses a specific product and the smell of Deva gives me a headache.