I hope to find a formula that works for me the way you've been able to balance things.

According to founder/administrator over at the Henna for Hair forum, the henna is supposed to be mixed with the amla in warm water for dye release (no lemon juice, ACV or other acidic liquid needed) - that lemon juice isn't needed or recommended if using amla with the henna, as the amla already serves as a dye release, due to its acidity ... and that using both can lead to hair dryness on people prone to dry hair already. Do you experience any dryness w/your mix?

Also, the folks in the forum have said adding crushed cloves does more than just add smell - that it deepens the overall color of the henna mix, which sounds perfect if you're aiming for black (like your recipe), but I wonder if adding the cloves (along w/indigo, henna & amla) could make the color too dark if someone is aiming for deep red instead of black(?)

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