(This is just advice about cutting, or not. Maybe someone else has ideas for how you can pamper your hair and make it look better, regardless of whether or not you get a trim/cut. ... )

Sorry for your ordeal. Those particular hair stylists didn't do you any favors, did they? And all your/their attempts at trying to readjust your hair only seemed to make matters worse because you ended up w/a lot of over-processed hair.

Congrats on all your new growth! You might want to ease up on idea of looking for "perfect curls" (as you say), especially if you're hanging on to damaged or straightened ends from the Keratin treatment (and don't get me started on what I think of that "treatment" and the chemicals they use).

Two possible actions (regarding a cut):

1. Hang on to your treated ends and deal with the resulting look because you don't want to let go of the length.

2. Cut your treated ends and have shorter hair for a minute. The shorter hair will look healthier, with a strong and consistent curl pattern. ... The modified solution is to gradually trim out the ends over time, trimming it every month or every month.

I'd go with the second action, personally. I'd consider that I took risks w/my hair that led to the consequence of me having to grow some of it out again, and then hit "reboot" w/a new, cute cut.

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