So I'm new to the CG world and even though its been almost a week I'm getting discouraged. I recently found out my hair is very porous and it's due to over styling with heat ... My hair is about a little bit below my shoulders and it can't hold a curl or moisture or anything. I started the CG method and my hair still feels about the same. The middle of my hair is extremely frizzy, whereas the bottom and front of my hair more defined. I'm pretty sure my natural hair type is between 3b-3c, but because of the heat, it's just stretched out. I clarified my hair one last time and currently in using suave coco as my rinse out, v05 conditioner as LI, coconut oil on my ends, and the Eco styler olive oil gel at the end. My hair looks good for about 2 hours then there's no life to it afterwards. Suggestions? Attachment 27967
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It will take a while because of the heat damage...or you could cut off the heat damaged hair. There are different methods to bring your hair "back to life", but the most reliable one is making sure your hair gets moisture.

Try a hot oil treatment, low-poo, and deep condition. Use a leave-in, then a soft hold product. Air dry only. You can also place a conditioner on your dry hair (don't mist or wet hair), rinse, cowash, deep condition. Use a leave-in, then a soft hold product, and air dry.

I've never had heat damage, but at one time my hair was so dry I thought it would never be soft again. These two methods helped me. You can also sleep with a satin bonnet for a while.

I'm sure other curlies will chime in--HTH.
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CoWash: various
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CR L/I Collection, various

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Spritz/Sealant:Nu-Gro spray w/moisturizer
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