Not sure about my hair properties,but I think I have low/normal porosity hair, 3b/3c, natural hair only - there was something else I should know about my hair... right?

Well I took a look at the bottle and it only says 100% grapeseed oil. filled 05/2011 and expires 05/2014 ...which just cant be right, since i read in several websites that it can be stored only for 15 months!
I wrote the company where i bought it an email asking for the ingredients list and further information.

The oil is deep dark green, and it tastes (my DH's idea) like plastic. Its really disgusting! Im going to the supermarket tomorrow and am gonna purchase a bottle from another brand so i can compare.

Im really pissed and disappointed at the same time. Hope that at least the castor oil I bought from the same company turns out to really be castor oil!!!

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Originally Posted by CurlyB_
Dark Green?? I got my grapeseed oil from Trader Joes and it's like that same yellowish/brownish color that Olive oil is. I like it. No real smell. I only use a little bit and I mix it into my shea butter as a winter sealant.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.