Sorry for the delayed reply, finals week is kicking my butt! But, I have tried Olive Oil but I didn't see any results and it was very hard to wash out. I am debating between coconut oil and jojoba oil because I heard its almost like our natural oils. Either way, I ditch the Blue Magic and make sure I get the pure oil. Also, how do I brush out the flakes? Are there any special scalp combs for this?
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No prob. Going through finals too. ughghgh

I would go for coconut oil, as it is known for helping specifically with dry scalp or dandruff. I was talking about brushing out the oil, or distributing it down the strand. But apparently starmie brushes it out.

I just make sure to thoroughly scrub my scalp with my finger pads. This loosens most of the flakes and then they rinse out on their own. I do run my tangle teazer over my scalp though usually. Oh and if I want to get rid of flakes I usually add sugar to my co wash. The coconut oil helps prevent future flakes, but exfoliating/scrubbing is really what removes current ones.

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