So it looks like the six years of living car note free are coming to an end. I'm getting a new-to-me vehicle this time. Last time I bought new new and I was upside down and worried to death about it being totaled or stolen. But I made the mistake of discussing this too much with my mom. At first she was being helpful but now she is trying to be too much in my biz. I can't believe she asking me about my finances and is trying to calculate my bills to see what I can afford. None of her business. I have managed my money for 15 years without asking her for a cent. And her money management skills are not all that.
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Man your ma sounds off the chain like my ma. Officially next week I can finally get off her tit because I will get my first career paycheck!!!!!!!!!!! iAds a bow never to ask my parents for anything. I even signed up for my 401k. I feel too adult right now, lol. Pure blessed independence.
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