Here's the picture i took to compare the colour of the oils.

Left:Grapeseed oil
Right: EVOO

Grapseed oil *yuuck*-uploadfromtaptalk1355490869215.jpg

I noiced that the grapeseed oil has little particles of something in it, bit i couldn't capture it with the camera.

Oh, and customer service sent me an answer today! She said that the oil has this strong smell because it is made of organic grapes only...WTH? So organic grapes are supposed to stink/taste like plastic and be as green as Hulk?

I told her to go and take a sniff at one of her grapeseed oil bottles, and that if she then is still convinced that this is exactly how an oil is supposed to be that i won't complain anymore....
This was at 10am (now it is 2:20pm where i live)

She hasn't replied anymore...

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