Poema, I'll be sure and keep the amla on for a much shorter time than the henna then. Will check w/the folks at mehandi – will ask them if 30 min.s is about right. Cranberry smell! Sounds tolerable LOL I'm really trying to be more open-minded about the smell of henna. When I have migraines just about any strong smell gets to me. So who knows? Maybe I'll feel differently about it this time I'm looking forward to hearing the results of your coconut oil – amla mix.

NoodleNaps, thanks for the update! It's encouraging to hear amla is something that seems to have worked for you long term, even though you had to cut back for a while. Now that you're back “on it” (alongside the henna), hopefully your knots and splits will improve … Btw, what color is your post-henna hair right now (how dark or light)? Are you happy with your color?

Adthomas, great ingredients in the ayurvedic mist. It's so cool that you've found an all-natural product that packs such a punch (I'm still looking, though KCCC is part of my regimen already). Speaking of the ingredients in the mist: I recall reading some good things about bhringraj on that old amla super-thread.

Truqueen, so excited to hear from yet another person still loving amla! Has the amla darkened your hair over time a little – like, made your henna red less bright/light? (Like you, I plan on using it to cover gray). Glad you're having so much success from the henna a amla together. Thanks for your help

ricotdorothy, the gloss sounds like a smart compromise. I'll have to look into that further. I'm a little control freaky cause I'm trying to get a certain color w/the henna, and maintain a color that's neither too dark or too clown red. Am afraid the glosses will be less predictable than pre-measured pure henna. Did you do the paste initially and then switch to glossing? Cause I'm afraid I could get sick of the paste too (soon or eventually). Thanks.

Anybody use the oil instead of the powder and see results?
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Would love to hear answers to this too.
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Sorry for late response Korkscrew. Henna makes my gray strands a vibrant red but my naturally dark hair is just shinier. Amla darkens my hair but really doesn't change my gray. I have used a mix with equal parts henna/Amla & my gray strands were a bronzey red color. HTH.