not to mention these weren't even violent offenders. boys went there for skipping school, shoplifting. some boys were only there because they didnt have capable parents and this was the age before widespread foster care. some boys were as young as 10. omg could you imagine being a 10 year old child who just lost your parents, and the courts sent you to this hell hole? omfg
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How do you know what each resident of this facility was in for?

Reform schools were not orphanages. They are/were correctional facilities. Age 12-12.

And they are full of murderers, rapists, pedophiles, gang bangers, drug dealers, etc.

I'm not advocating kiling any of them. But they're no choir boys and there are armed guards on site for a reason.
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The article stated that not all were there for actual crimes. Some were there because of other reasons, and some were as young as 5. The number of violent to non-violent, we don't know.

But why have the townspeople hunt them down? Why not just put up a fence or have law enforcement handle it?

While I may not like criminals escaping, I also don't want my neighbors shooting at every shadow they see in the middle of the night
Just curious, Spidey, are you in corrections?
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OMGoodness, no! Not in corrections. Just a morbid interest.

Yes, I would prefer walls or fences around correctional institutions but I think the general feeling is that it's not psychologically advisable to subject juveniles to that...altho different states have different views.

I wouldn't want any escaped inmate shot at (bc you never really know why they're running...and I'm anti-killing). Maybe if there was someway to nonfatally stop far-range stun gun or something.

It wouldn't matter to me who chased and caught them as long as the correct protocols were followed; police are townspeople, too, and sometimes more crooked than the average citizen.

If lack of staffing was an issue, I'd def prefer a lay citizen to apprehend the escapee than for the escapee to go free.

I don't want to see anyone killed or tortured, but I'm more concerned about the peace of mind of law-abiding ppl/families living nearby than the peace of mind of escaped convicts.