So it looks like the six years of living car note free are coming to an end. I'm getting a new-to-me vehicle this time. Last time I bought new new and I was upside down and worried to death about it being totaled or stolen. But I made the mistake of discussing this too much with my mom. At first she was being helpful but now she is trying to be too much in my biz. I can't believe she asking me about my finances and is trying to calculate my bills to see what I can afford. None of her business. I have managed my money for 15 years without asking her for a cent. And her money management skills are not all that.
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Man your ma sounds off the chain like my ma. Officially next week I can finally get off her tit because I will get my first career paycheck!!!!!!!!!!! iAds a bow never to ask my parents for anything. I even signed up for my 401k. I feel too adult right now, lol. Pure blessed independence.
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Oh, I asked my dad for $300 for a car tag when I bought my new car years ago. He said no which was fine. First he said he'd have to talk to my stepmother and he'd let me know. Next time I talked to him he also gave me a long lecture about buying things I couldn't afford and even told me to take the car back. I was sooo mad that I cried when I got off the phone. I vowed never to ask him for money again. My dad paid child support but he didn't pay anything for me to go to college. Yet he and my stepmother put my half brother through a private high school. He is 25, still lives with them and never finished college. So my dad making me feel bad about asking for the money really hurt me.
Congrats on your paycheck. God bless the child that's got his own!!!
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