Very confusing with the cloves... Personally I doubt that they would make a huge difference in the colour. I use them also in the henna paste that I use on the skin, but when I've been in places where there are non the colour of the henna on the skin hasn't been that different...

You should definitely go to Morocco. If you haven't been on that side of the world it would be a great experience. The food is beautiful! Keep us posted if you decide to travel there.
I'm a mix of Algeria and Morocco, and a bit of northern Niger (the very south of Sahara desert). A berber mix (the indigenous people of Northern Africa).

After rinsing off the indigo I put a few drops of Argan oil on wet hair. That took usually care of the dry feeling. Then again, before going mod-CG my hair was very dry in anyway, so I didn't know any better. I haven't done the 2-step after starting with CG method, as I don't feel I need henna now. I used to use henna only to condition my hair, not to dye it. Indigo was a must afterwards because I don't like too much of reddish hue on my hair. Now I've learned new methods to take care of my hair.

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3 c / low porosity / fine texture / medium density
4 a / low porosity / fine texture / high density