so let me get this straight....

a woman, let's call her ab, is staying at the holiday inn and the receptionist, tamika, gives her the hook-up to use a conference/seminar room for free because tamika's boss isn't there.

ab is mad because the boss shows up and kicks ab and her class out and calls her class a hair class (instead of a makeup class) and refers to her as "you people".

i'm all sorts of confused.
sister girl, you got busted and that's that.
she didn't pay for the room, she had no rights to it at all.
tamika is lucky she didn't get fired.
the manager was unprofessional in the manner in which she handled the situation but trust me, the professional manner (should i had been in charge) would've been more embarrassing in the long run.

i didn't read any of the comments until after i posted the above and i feel bad that i'm on the side of the racists.
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I feel you, just sounds like a big misunderstanding and a problem with communication, IMO.

It sounds like the manager came at her sideways, because the "you people" comment was a bit out of line. The lady might have been rude about it. But at the same time, you're right. Since Ms. Bond didn't pay to use the conference room, that makes the situation complicated. The other employee most likely had no idea that the boss would show up either. So I'm not sure what to think. I'm not really on anyone's side, because I believe both parties probably behaved badly.

Maybe she didn't know that permission would be required to use the conference room and since the manager wasn't there, she simply assumed that it would be OK...I can see how that might happen. It sounds like Debra runs a tight ship at the hotel and she isn't the type to bend rules for anyone, but with the exception of the "you people" comment, I'm not seeing much racism in this situation. Maybe there is more to the story.