Where's the racism? Debra was rude. She said You People, which many see as racist. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't. I'd need more evidence to say this is racism. And I hope the YTer doesn't get herself sued. I'm Black BTW.
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I agree. I think the statement "you people" can be seen as racist, but it depends on the context and how it is said. It can also simply mean "y'all", like a bunch of people (i.e. the class/group that was in the conference room). It can be either racist or not depending on what the person saying it means. I think some people of color, especially Black Americans, see it as racist because of how it has been used throughout history...in a demeaning way.

But we don't know if this was the manager's intent or not. Maybe she simply meant that the entire group did not have permission to use the room, but she used a poor choice of words to convey that and her tone was probably nasty as well. So she might be a "B", but that doesn't necessarily mean that she is racist or that she denied Ms. Bond the use of the room because of race/color.

I had a neighbor years ago who had a run-in with some white Hispanic dude that used the term "you people" to her and she was very offended. But I think in her case, it was most likely because she had lived through the Jim Crow era and his words brought all of that back.

The thing about racism is that as people of color, we're in a conundrum (not trying to speak for everyone but hear me out...) I think that in situations where racist incidents happen, it is important to speak out against injustice. But we're not always believed either, because some people cry discrimination at the drop of a hat, which makes the issue of racism one that isn't taken seriously by a lot of folks. Sometimes people must pick their battles wisely.

I understand her frustration and I would support her writing a letter of complaint to the higher-ups, but it is also likely that Debra Schmidt could sue her for defamation of character or something like that because she took it to Youtube. It's one thing to say that you were treated rudely/poorly by a hotel manager, but to claim that it is because one is Black and the manager is racist is taking it to a whole 'nother level. I won't deny that this stuff still happens in 2012, but I'm not sure the situation merits all this outrage.